“We Can Never Uplift Women Too Much.”

Watch the video of Wilmah Munemera on the power of women coming together on set below.

‘Women supporting women’ is a mantra we often hear, especially around International Women’s Day. When women come together we have the power to create a more inclusive, equitable and supportive world. 

This can look like:

  • Offering each other emotional support and inspiration to empower one another. 
  • Finding common ground through shared experiences, and building a sense of community.
  • Coming together to network, share resources and ideas, and support each other in our work.

And Shaina, our movie about resilience and the power of friendship, is all of the above – on and off screen. The lead actor, Wilmah Munemera, says the coming together of women on set, along with the fact that women wrote and directed the film, was the highlight of the entire experience.

“The story turned out so well so to see women’s efforts turn into something so beautiful is just another testament to how powerful we are when we come together…I was so happy to be a part of such an important story, because so many women need it. And we can never do it too much, we can never uplift women too much.” 

 Watch the full clip of Wilmah below:

International Women’s Day, as well as being a celebration of women, can sometimes see those advocating for the same cause engaging in internal conflicts. And whilst debate is indeed healthy, we do well to remember that coming together is a powerful way to leave a lasting impact and – as Wilmah says – create something beautiful.