Accelerated Learning Program

For children returning to school or struggling to keep up, these remedial lessons accelerate their acquisition of essential literacy and numeracy skills.

Differentiated learning through smaller classrooms and individual attention are some of the methods used to help students catch up.

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25-50% higher scores on foundational literacy and numeracy assessments for girls

Mayiannae's Story

When Mayiannae was 11, she was two grades behind in school and embarrassed to be in a classroom with students that were younger than her. Her father was frustrated with her learning and thought about marrying her off. But he recognized the importance of enabling his daughter to continue her schooling. Through the help of Impact(Ed)’s Accelerated Learning Program, Mayiannae was able to improve her math and literacy skills enough to move ahead two grade levels in one year. She is now in an age-appropriate grade and her father is proud and supportive.

Watch her story below.

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