Discovery + Talk Shows

Discovery + Talk Shows


110 million reach, 8 countries, 6 broadcasters

"Discovery +234 specifically changed fathers’ attitudes and/or behavior towards education and girls’ education."

*Social Impact

"There is strong evidence that the Discovery +233 is creating sustainable attitude change among viewers... participants who have watched the show have indicated favorable views toward girls’ education."

*Social Impact

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"Sometimes when I watch that program, how the women are empowered through their education, I say what if my daughter becomes someone like them in the future?"

Discovery+ viewer, Nigeria

"Personally I had the mentality to change my life but I could not because of age and children and because of Victoria [guest] story I said I will support myself and from her story I want to go back to school and one day I will be on this show telling my story."

Discovery + viewer

"When you start at a tender age educating a girl child you are just not educating that child you are educating the whole community."

Mother and Discovery+ viewer, Kenya

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Discovery+ talk shows brought weekly episodes featuring local celebrities, inspirational stories, and live music to TV screens while changing the public dialogue around girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.
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