William Irwin

Bill Irwin is a retired Chevron executive and has been an Impact(Ed) director since 2006. He joined Chevron in 1981 as an engineer in Bakersfield, California and moved through several domestic locations and assignments in reservoir engineering and economic evaluation before commencing international work in 1990. Bill has supported operations and development in West Africa, SE Asia, and South America, and the UK North Sea, including long residential stints overseas. 

After sixteen years and seven residential locations, Bill shifted to a policy focus while managing International Government Affairs at Chevron’s Washington DC office. This involved keen awareness of the energy industry at a macro level and its intersection with the global geopolitical and socio-economic arenas. Key responsibilities included think-on-one’s feet ability to communicate about these intersections at both technical and lay levels to a wide spectrum of audiences including senior US and foreign government officials, environmental and developmental NGOs, and the general public.

 Bill retired in 2014 and continues to reside in Washington DC, obtaining environmental and naturalist certifications and volunteering with local watershed and social-equity groups.